DANA Cases

The case studies can be viewed and/or downloaded here.

As these cases are the result of hard work by your fellow analysts, make sure that you give proper credit to them when you use their case studies in your own work. You can refer to cases as you would to a journal article, i.e., author(s), (year) "name of the case", URL: http://www.actoranalysis.com/dana/cases.

Downloading cases

The cases published on this site can be viewed with your browser by simply following the links. To download a case, you must use the DANA software, because most Internet browsers make changes to the HTML code while displaying, and these changes make that you cannot simply use the menu option Save Target As... to download a case. To download a case from the web, select the File|Open menu option, click the web site button, select the case you want, and when it appears in the browser field of the dialog, click the OK button.

Uploading cases

You can contribute to the DANA community by submitting cases that you have analyzed. Cases can be submitted using the Case|Submit for Publication menu option of the DANA software. To maintain a balance between quality, quantity, variety and didactic value, your submissions will be reviewed before being published. The review process may take some time, so please be patient. Do not upload the same case twice!

Last update 2005-02-12